Projection Plus Board, 3' H x 4' W

$ 186.00

Vendor: Best-Rite Manufacturing

Model Number:

Product Description

"Projection Plus" Board

The Markerboard You Can Project On!

Quality porcelain steel Projection Plus markerboard combines the best low gloss projection surface available, outstanding writing qualities and top quality construction.

This amazing surface has over 60% less gloss than a standard porcelain markerboard, creating an excellent projection surface with minimal glare and no hot spots

Surface also accepts both dry-erase and permanent markers, pencils, crayons, and ball point pens - all removable. Erasing permanent markers, ball point pens and pencils requires only a damp cloth. Dry erase markers also wipe clean. Board also accepts magnetic and adhesive accessories.

- Sturdy anodized aluminum frame
- Map rail
- Full-length tray
- Includes brackets for wall mounting

Color: Light Grey.

Overall Dimensions: 3' H x 4' W

Weight: 54 lbs.

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