Duralast Solid Plastic Posture Design Chair, 12" - 16" H Adj. Seat Height

$ 114.61

Vendor: KI

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Product Description

Solid Plastic Chair

Exceptionally Strong! Lifetime Performance!

Posture-Contoured Seat and Back for Comfort!

Exceptionally durable seat and back combined with the strongest frame anywhere.

Deluxe scratch and peel-proof chrome frame made of full 1" heavy gauge tubular steel throughout. No swaging or tapering to weaken the strength.

Adjustable legs accommodate variances in student heights within same grade level. Legs adjust easily to fit individual student height.

- 5/8" thick solid hard plastic seat and back
- Seat and back attached to frame with special screws to ensure extra- smooth, bolt-free seating surface
- Premium 22-step duplex nickel/chrome plating process on frame. Exceeds industry standards for scratch, peel and rust resistance

Seat: 14" W x 13" D x 12"-16" H, adj.

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