Fiberglass Spire, Standard Style, Medium, 19' High

$ 2,899.00

Vendor: Fiberglass Specialties Inc

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Product Description

Fiberglass Spire

Durable and weather-resistant! Fiberglass will not rust, rot or leak and will provide a lifetime of service.

This complete one-piece steeple unit features a simple, elegant design that makes it suitable for a wide variety of architectural styles.

Can be mounted on an existing cupola or directly to the roof.

- Certified to withstand wind speeds up to 120 mph
- Fiberglass-reinforced polyester wall with a flexural strength up to 29,000 psi
- Extra-hard gel coat maintains color and resists hailstones. Extremely resistant to sun's ultra-violet rays
- All-steel anchoring members
- "Pre-fit" to insure proper fit and alignment
- Simple bolt-together connection for ease of installation

Height: 19'
Base: 40"
Weight: 250 lbs.

Important: Please specify pitch and type of roof as it relates to a linear foot. Example: 5"/12".

Option: Model 460732 Lightning Kit (attaches to your lightning protection system). Must be ordered at time of steeple purchase for installation at factory.

NOTE: Steeple orders are considered custom orders and cannot be cancelled or returned. Our representative will contact you regarding your specifications.

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