Fiberglass Baptistry, Single Entry, 10' 2" L x 4' 2" W, 590 Gallon Capacity

$ 2,199.00

Vendor: Fiberglass Specialties Inc

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Product Description

Fiberglass Baptistry

This simple, yet versatile baptistry is the perfect blend of size and ecomomy.

The strength, durability, beauty and economy of fiberglass eliminates installation and maintenance problems found in masonry or metal baptistries.

The design of this baptistry maximizes usable space and minimizes wasted space. Conserves water and reduces costs associated with heating the water.

- Molded one-piece fiberglass construction eliminates rust, rot, cracks and leaks
- Color molded in permanently
- Self-supporting structure
- Tensile strength - 32,000 lbs. per square inch
- Easily installed or relocated
- Steps flow into tank, creating a built-in child's step within the tank area
- Steps have 11" treads and 7" risers as required by National Model Building codes
- Step treads have a slip-resistant "raised circular disk" pattern
- Plumbing simplified with standard fixtures

Outside Dimensions: 10' 2" L x 4' 2" W
Inside Dimensions: 3' W x 6' D x 3' 6" H
Capacity: 590 Gallons

NOTE: Baptistry orders are considered custom orders and cannot be cancelled or returned. Our representative will contact you regarding your specifications.

Our unique baptistry designs can accommodate your space and function needs, no matter what size church. Here are a few points to consider when choosing a baptistry for your church:

1. Will the pastor be in the baptistry with the candidate or in a dry area outside of the baptistry? Will entry be from one side only or do you require entry from both sides? Would you like to include a window to allow witnesses a better view of the baptism?
2. Plan for access with attention to door width and other openings the baptistry will pass through. All baptistries have an overall height of 43".
3. Our baptistries are very well built and can be carried or moved on a furniture dolly.
4. The baptistry should be positioned on a level surface capable of supporting the weight of the baptistry when it is filled with water and people. The baptistry must be supported underneath with a flat surface, and framed in at the top lip with stud walls.
5. Plan for utilities like city water supply to fill, access to a sewer connection for drainage, and a 2P 40 amp 208-240v electrical service if a heater is installed. Or consider our portable heater system that does not require any special hook-ups.
6. Still need help selecting the baptistry that's right for you? Just call us and let one of our experts guide you through the process with our free planning service.

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