iTeach 2 Electric Mobile Stand with Super Short Throw Arm, 56" W x 30" D x 75" H, adj.

$ 1,601.25

Vendor: Balt Inc

Model Number:

Product Description

Mobile, Height-Adjustable Interactive OneBoardƒ?› Stand

Engage Your Audience Anywhere!

- Moves easily on heavy-duty locking casters
- 20" range of smooth push-button height adjustment with hand-held control pad
- Super short throw arm - center of projector hookup
- Meets ADA requirements and Architectural Barriers Act Accessibilities guidelines
- Holds any whiteboard up to 4' H x 8' W x 5' D, between 50-100 lbs.
- Brushed silver finish

Overall Dimensions: 56" W x 30" D x 75" H, adj.

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