Trans-Port 3-Level Standing Tapered Choral Riser, Carpeted

$ 794.93

Vendor: National Public Seating

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Product Description

Trans-Port 3-Level Tapered Choral Riser, Carpeted

Flips open, sets up & transports with minimal effort!

The Trans-Port is a 72" wide unitized three-level carpeted riser that conveniently sets-up in seconds. Use multiple units to create a variety of configurations.

-Riser consists of three 18"-deep levels, 8", 16" and 24"-high
-Double walled aluminum frame is lighter than steel, but just as strong
-Grey frame overlaps the top of each level to protect the carpet edge
-Heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel legs make units safe and durable
-Hinge mechanisms enable uniform operation by one person
-Risers easily attach to each other without lifting units
-Equipped with wheels for easy transport and positioning

Color: Grey Frame with Grey Carpeting.

Overall Dimensions: 72" W x 54" D x 24" H

Trans-Port Standing Choral Risers are also available in Straight units, Model 411650. Guardrails, Model 411652, are recommended for safety.

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