FlameSafe™ Fire-Resistant Vertical File, 4-Drawer Legal

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Light Grey
Product Description

Fire-Resistant Vertical File, 4-Drawer Legal

U.L. Class 350 Rating against fire, explosion and impact!

Your most valuable documents and vital records are safe in this asbestos-free, U.L.approved file.

FlameSafe™ files are rated to withstand an external temperature of 1700° for up to one hour. Insulation in drawer faces and between drawers provides increased fire-resistance. Internal steel lattice reinforcement can withstand a 30-foot fall.

These files have withstood strict endurance testing.

Fire: Oven-heated at 1700° for 1 hour without damage to paper contents.
Explosion: Heated at 2000° for 1/2 hour without accumulating explosive gases inside.
Impact: Heated for 1/2 hour at 1550°, then dropped 30 ft. (3 stories) onto broken bricks. Then inverted and reheated for another 1/2 hour without damage to papers inside.

- Smooth-operating, full-suspension drawers with high sides for use with hanging file folders
- Spring-loaded follower blocks keep files upright
- Chrome-plated drawer pulls, thumb latches and label holders on all drawers
- High-security key lock keeps files secure

Overall Dimensions: 20-3/4" W x 25" D x 52-3/4" H
Weight: 595 lbs.

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