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Space Planning Installation


A typical project begins with programming where goals and objectives of the project are identified. ATD's Design Services Group will review your request to ascertain the specific requirements of the project.

In this part of the process, we will look to identify all special requirements,
including (but not limited to):

ATDesign will ask you to verify that the programming information is accurate and that adjacencies and quantities have been captured for workstation and office occupancy.

The next step after the initial project review is the architectural surveyATDesign will need to understand the layout of base building walls, doors, columns, floors and ceilings as well as assess the implication of any electrical fire/safety, HVAC and plumbing as it relates to the furniture. ATD's Design Services Group will determine the necessity of a site visit to field measure critical areas of the plan in order to determine the accuracy of the CAD plan (if provided). This will also aid in identifying any of the building's access concerns when it comes time for installation.