Customer Bill of Rights

Your ATD-Capitol Customer Bill of Rights

  1. Your Satisfaction is our #1 priority!
    Our relationship with you is extremely important. Our family tradition is to treat every customer with honesty, integrity and care.
  2. We offer 100% secure shopping guaranteed!
    When you shop at ATD, you can be assured of complete information and transaction security. If you prefer, you can also order Toll Free 866-283-9327.
  3. Huge Savings!
    ATD offers the lowest prices on all of our products. By shipping factory direct from our manufacturers, we eliminate warehouse costs and extra shipping charges, and pass these savings on to you. Volume discounts on large orders save you even more.
  4. Expert Staff!
    Our experienced sales associates and customer service representatives understand your needs and provide the service you expect and deserve. 80% of our sales representatives have been with ATD for 5 years or more.
  5. Update Your Information!
    By going to My Account you can update or change your account information, as well as unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving emails.
  6. Privacy!
    ATD knows that you care how your information is shared and used. We appreciate your trust when doing business with us. Our Privacy Statement is always posted on our website.